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The Kindbehartiger / Child’s voice interpreter
What is the role of a ‘Kindbehartiger’ for children whose parents are going through a divorce?

The ‘Kindbehartiger’ acts as a representative and confidential advisor for all children in divorce situations. The ‘Kindbehartiger’ acts in a voluntary framework by offering support programs that make sure a child maintains his/her rightful place prior and during legal procedures and receives any necessary (after)care. The ‘Kindbehartiger’ cooperates with authorities and professionals if necessary. The ‘Kindbehartiger’ embraces and works according to the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ and offers psychosocial support, but not in the form of therapy or psychological treatment – as that is not always needed. Every child’s voice deserves a place within the divorce process. The ‘Kindbehartiger’ ensures that the child’s understanding is clear and placed into perspective. The ‘Kindbehartigers’ observe the current situation. They explain and voice the child’s thoughts and feelings towards parents/caregivers, and to the legal field by means of an advisory report.

The ‘Kindbehartiger’s’ aim is to instil a sense of confidence and safety in every child going through their parents’ divorce.

A ‘Kindbehartiger’ offers support in the form of:

  • A listening ear to every child;
  • A child-friendly explanation about the current situation and conveyance of what they wish to voice;
  • An insight into the (family) situation, development, experience and children’s wishes;
  • Insight and tools about the way parents communicate and how this affects children;
  • Focussing on the perception of parents, the emotions that take place during a divorce and how to deal with these issues;
  • A hands-on approach for the new family situation after the divorce;
  • Tools for practical matters such as daily care and how to raise children after a divorce;
  • Connectivity with other (social) professionals, authorities and the legal field when necessary;
  • A report and advice;
  • Expertise and transparency.

Children can sometimes feel the impact of a divorce many years later and may express this externally or feel it internally. Think of sliding school results, depression, behavioural problems or turning their back on both or one of the parents.
Even in these cases a ‘Kindbehartiger’ can offer support. In the case of very young children, the ‘Kindbehartiger’ can act as an ‘extension’ of the child’s voice. A ‘Kindbehartiger’s’ support can safeguard the future position of every child and avoid decisions being taken without their involvement.

More info:

Are you parents about to start a legal procedure? Consider approaching a ‘Kindbehartiger’ for advice. Important insights may already be achieved within a few sessions.

Contact by phone  06 55 91 33 03 or  bjorn@deblauwebeer.nl

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